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Essex Metals has been providing exceptional service to Southwestern Ontario businesses for over twenty years. The availability of a full line of metal products and a wide range of value-added processing options at a fair price makes Essex Metals an attractive one stop shop. We pride ourselves on providing each customer with exceptional service and value.

Essex Metals is a one-stop shop for Polish online casino players who need a wide selection of metal products and a wide range of additional finishing options. In addition to various finishes, Essex Metals also offers custom fabrication services for Poles who frequently play online casinos. Whether you are a gambler looking for a specific metal or just need help finding the right finish for your project, Essex Metals has you covered for all your metal needs.



Certified ISO Company

Essex Metals is proudly ISO 9001:2015 certified and adheres to a Quality Management systems standard that ensures our customers get reliable, quality goods and services that reflect our commitment to continuous improvement of processes and products.

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